Join Cipla as a Therapy Manager / Medical Representative in Bangalore

Join Cipla as a Therapy Manager / Medical Representative in Bangalore

Join Cipla as a Therapy Manager / Medical Representative in Bangalore

If you have a passion for sales and are interested in pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry, Cipla has an exciting job opportunity as a Therapy Manager / Medical Representative. This role requires building strong relationships with doctors and chemists, promoting Cipla’s brands, and achieving business targets. Read on to learn more about this job opportunity and how to apply.


Cipla, a renowned pharmaceutical company, is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Therapy Manager / Medical Representative in Bangalore. As a Therapy Manager, you will play a crucial role in promoting Cipla’s brands, establishing strong relationships with key stakeholders, and achieving business targets. This article provides an overview of the responsibilities, challenges, and qualifications associated with this role.

Job Opportunity at Cipla

Location and Company Overview

The job opportunity is based in Bangalore, one of India’s major cities known for its vibrant healthcare sector. Cipla, a leading pharmaceutical company, has a strong presence in the industry and is committed to delivering affordable and quality healthcare solutions to people worldwide. By joining Cipla as a Therapy Manager / Medical Representative, you will contribute to the company’s mission of making healthcare accessible to all.

Responsibilities and Key Accountabilities

As a Therapy Manager / Medical Representative at Cipla, your key responsibilities will include:

Achieving Sales Targets
  • Identifying the customer-brand matrix through market studies and targeting the right products for the right customers.
  • Adapting selling techniques based on customer potential.
  • Promoting products using scientific tools, publications, demonstrations, and other marketing materials.
  • Increasing prescriber base and driving the business of key products.
Monitoring Business Details
  • Keeping track of primary business orders and stock positions at stockists.
  • Planning for stock liquidation and monitoring secondary billing.
  • Increasing yield per month (YPM) in the assigned territory.
  • Monitoring product returns, stock levels, and expiry at various stockists.
  • Ensuring product availability throughout the territory.
  • Collecting competitor information through chemist retailing analysis (RCPA).
Maintaining Basic Working Standards
  • Meeting the standard call average and chemist average as stipulated.
  • Categorizing doctors based on potential and maintaining visit frequency.
  • Updating the Must See List (MSL) regularly.
  • Maintaining a daily call report (DCR) for recording fieldwork.
  • Creating and following a call planner and monthly travel plan.
Enhancing In-clinic Effectiveness
  • Building skills to detail and discuss promoted products and advancements in therapeutic research.
  • Developing the ability to discuss therapy, indications, applications, and demand for product prescriptions.
  • Attending therapy, divisional, and behavioral training programs to enhance in-clinic effectiveness.
Managing Customer Relationships
  • Addressing customer queries promptly and meeting their needs.
  • Providing academic services and activities approved by the organization to doctors.
  • Promoting Cipla’s differentiators to create brand recall among doctors.
  • Maintaining relationships with chemists, stockists, hospital purchase personnel, and pharmacy-in-charges.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines and organizational policies.

Major Challenges

The role of a Therapy Manager / Medical Representative comes with some challenges, including:

  • Engaging knowledgeable and experienced doctors who may have more expertise in the field than the Therapy Manager.
  • Facing intense competition and limited time to create an impact.
  • Dealing with time constraints due to waiting time in front of doctors’ cabins.
  • Adapting to downward price revisions by the government, which can affect business volumes.

Key Interactions

In this role, you will interact with various individuals on a regular basis, both internally and externally. These interactions include:


  • Reporting to the Area Business Manager and providing regular updates.
  • Collaborating with the headquarters (HO) and therapy managers.
  • Attending HR meetings and learning and development sessions as required.


  • Engaging with doctors on a daily basis for day-to-day working.
  • Interacting with chemists for market information and business-related discussions.
  • Liaising with stockists for business orders and product availability.
  • Building relationships with purchase in-charges at hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Establishing connections with pharmacy-in-charges.

Dimensions of the Job

To understand the scope and scale of activities associated with the Therapy Manager role, consider the following dimensions:

  • Handling business in an assigned territory with average business ranging from 2 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs in certain therapies and 7 Lakhs to 14 Lakhs in major therapies like Respiratory.
  • Managing relationships with approximately 100-180 doctors in the territory.
  • Overseeing 3-5 stockists and handling 8-14 different brands with multiple SKUs.

Educational Qualifications and Relevant Experience

To be eligible for the Therapy Manager / Medical Representative position at Cipla, you should have the following qualifications and experience:

  • A graduate degree, preferably in science or with a science background up to class XII.
  • Non-science candidates may be considered if they have specific experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Good communication skills and a pleasant and confident demeanor.
  • Minimum 6 months of experience in the pharmaceutical sales industry.
  • Age equal to or below 29 years.
  • Operating knowledge of computers, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Willingness to travel extensively.

Application Process

If you are interested in this job opportunity as a Therapy Manager / Medical Representative at Cipla, please share your CV with Padma Sharma via email at

Join Cipla as a Therapy Manager / Medical Representative in Bangalore
Join Cipla as a Therapy Manager / Medical Representative in Bangalore

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