Neuland laboratories Ltd – Openings in CMS R&D, R&D Centre in Hyderabad | Pharma vacancies

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    Neuland laboratories Ltd Recruitment Details September 2020
    Openings in CMS R&D, R&D Centre, Hyderabad
    • M.Sc. with 3 to 6 years, Ph.D. with 1 to 7 years of relevant industry experience Leadership, teamwork and experience in organic process chemistry to deliver sustainable solutions
     • Systematic process development based on deep understanding of synthetic and physical organic chemistry
    • A mindset to understand reaction mechanisms in depth, anticipate related process challenges and troubleshoot them
    • Zeal and passion for swift development of robust synthetic processes and flawlessly delivering them at plant scale (kilograms to tons) for a growing business
    Interested applicants should send their CV to

    by September 14, 2020, 6 PM.
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