Syngene International is conducting a virtual recruitment drive on 8-Mar-22 and 9-Mar-22, for Discovery Chemistry department of Syngene-Amgen Research Center. Please find below details:

Qualification: MSc with 3-9 years relevant experience.

Job Location: Bengaluru

Department: Syngene-Amgen Research Centre

Designation: Senior Research Associate/Associate Scientist.

Mode of interview: Virtual (MS Teams link will be shared with shortlisted candidates one day prior)

Date/Day: 7-Mar-22 (Monday)

Key Responsibilities:

  • Perform synthetic chemistry reactions, reaction work-ups, purification of the compounds by column chromatography, crystallization, re-crystallization techniques, preparative TLC and operating lab equipment
  • Ensure that the samples generated during the course of synthesis are given for analysis and record subsequent results obtained and update the supervisor / group leader on the progress of synthesis and ensure samples are packed appropriately for shipment
  • Record the observations of experiment/reaction, results, utilization of resources and other activities related to the reaction in the laboratory or e-notebook following guidelines and in timely manner and ensure that the same is handled safely and confidentially.
  • Ensure that the instrument / equipments are calibrated, undergone preventive maintenance and are kept clean before use and in case of any breakdown, report to maintenance immediately
  • Ensure that they know the MSDS of the chemicals they are handling and aware of emergency response procedures in case of accidental spillage, leakage or fire and ensure proper waste segregation as per EHS norms.
  • Attend all mandatory trainings and update training records as and when trainings are completed
  • Ensure confidentiality at all times.
  • Understanding and demonstrating responsibility for safety of self & colleagues by following all safety protocols provided by Syngene.
  • Adherence to all environment, health, and safety (EHS) policies & standards at all times in the workplace.
  • Wearing all PPE as required.
  • Adherence to all procedures related to Syngene’s data integrity policies.
  • Compliance to Syngene’s quality standards at all times

Interested candidates can apply on the above links or share their resumes at

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