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Jubilant Biosys DMPK Specialists Openings 2022

Looking for DMPK Specialists for Jubilant Biosys, Noida

Experience : 1 to 8 years

Qualification: MSc / M Tech (BioChemistry / Pharmaceutical Chemistry / Biotech background) / M Pharmacy

Job Description as:

1. Experience in In-Vitro ADME Protocols and conduct in vitro stability (liver microsomes, plasma and in any other relevant matrix, chemical stability) experiments for new chemical entities

2. Conduct the following in vitro ADME experiments

A. logP, logD, pKa measurements

B. CYP induction and inhibition assays

C. Permeability determinations (Caco-2, MDCK etc) in relevant cell lines

D. CYP phenotyping in purified enzyme systems E. Solubility determinations (kinetic, thermodynamic, simulated fluids)

Also have experience in Bioanalysis, Data Analysis and report generation.

Kindly share relevant profiles at for further details.

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