Internship Opportunities for Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology Students 2022

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Quantumzyme Internship Opportunities for Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology Candidates 2022

Quantumzyme is a boutique biotechnology company that aims at applying Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Dynamics to understand enzymes and improve biocatalysis results.

The goal is to Engineer enzymes Against thermal & pH denaturation For increased activity on novel substrates To attain activity against a synthetic substrate

Job Description

Qualification: B Tech / B E / M Tech / MSc in Biotechnology / Biochemistry / Microbiology

Preferred to have knowledge in Enzymology,Protein Biology,Python

Duration: 6+ months

Mode of Internship: Off Line


Provide assistance in bacterial culture related activities, harvesting, purification of proteins and other molecular biology related activities

Assist team members to deliver the results / reports on time

Co-ordinating with team members in planning and executing the day-to-day tasks

Actively contribute to the preparation of report, presentation, and scientific publications

Flexible in working on different tasks

Required Skill Set:

Good knowledge of basic microbiology skills (bacterial transformation, handling of bacterial cell cultures, and protein over-expression studies)

Knowledge of molecular biology skills (molecular cloning, plasmid DNA isolation and analysis, Restriction digestion, SDS-PAGE, Protein purification)

Excellent communication and teamwork skills to work with both in silico and in vitro scientist in a collaborative manner

Assist the research team in the generation of analytical documentation, for example methods, specifications, protocols, and reports

Application Process :

Please mail in your CVs to :

Website :

20220117 1403317342044392192657195

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