How to get a job in pharmaceutical industry 2021

Introduction to Pharmaceutical industry :-

  • The world pharma industry is responsible for the research, drug development, production, and distribution of medicines. Just like the coronavirus, the world is seeking vaccines from pharmaceutical companies. vaccine.
  • World pharma companies have had extraordinary growth experienced over the years. The global value of the drug sector is estimated at $6.65 trillion u.s dollars in the year 2021. top 35 pharma companies double their market capitalization from us$1.6 trillion to 3.6 trillion in 2021.
  • The fastest-growing areas in pharma as china pharma, branded pharma, animal health, and biotechnology. The largest growth areas are biologics, blood products, and vaccines. In biotechnology, china, and the united states are lead producers.
  • pharmaceutical companies mainly depend on their research and development. so most of the companies spend 20% of their sales revenue on R & D projects.

Hello my dear Pharma buddies, in this article I will guide you on how to get a job in the pharmaceutical industry. If you’re exactly Do these steps to increase chances to get into the pharmaceutical industry. If you experienced person or with no experience follow these simple steps exactly to get a job in a pharmaceutical company.

For Freshers:-

  • If you are fresher to enter into the Pharma companies, You should have basic knowledge on Whats are the Departments present in the pharma industry and how they work.

  • In the pharmaceutical industry, various Departments are there. Some of the Departments are listed below.

Some of the Departments are listed below.

  • Manufacturing
  • Quality control
  • Quality assurance
  • Drug Regulatory Affairs
  • Research and development
  • Formulation development
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Technology transfer
  • Analytical Development lab
  • Clinical research
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Sales and marketing

Present in India so many companies recruiting Freshers and Experienced Candidates in various departments.

What are the best way to get a job in the pharma industry

  • Build a Strong Resume
  • Create a Strong Linkedin Profile.
  • Create an account on various job search websites.
  • join daily Pharma job, alert groups.
  • Improve Your Subject Knowledge and Communication Skills.
  • Ask for Reference

1) Resume Building:

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  • first, you understand how to write a resume for applying for a Pharmaceutical industry job.
  • Building a Resume is the first and very trickyest step to get a job in a pharma company. Because present pandemic situation no one is willing to conduct a face-to-face walk-in interview, instead of conducting a virtual Interview or Simply Resume selection.
  • If you are a fresher or Experienced person that is not a matter everyone should effectively build a resume.

  • If you applying for a job in the QC department, don’t mention if you have a clinical research skill as a primary skill, instead of that you have to mention QC related skills like handling on HPLC, UV, IR, GC, Dissolution Operators as a primary skill on you resume.

2) Where to apply for Job

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  • After building a strong Resume, you decided where to find the perfect job vacancies list is the big question. Many Pharma Job aspirants believe that the pharma industry must be a secret society that doesn’t share and post jobs online. That’s not true, there are two main places you can find and apply for pharmaceutical industry jobs online


  • Create attractive linkedin Profile,

  • LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for Pharma job aspirants and also for Pharma social community. Here find a bunch of open pharma positions. 75 percentage of Pharma jobs you can find here.
  • Here find a bunch of open pharma positions. 75 percentage of Pharma jobs you can find here.
  • Here almost all pharma company human resources( HR) are there. So send Connection request and politely ask for job information. Connect with HRs and regularly check the LinkedIn app or website


  • It is one of the best ways to finding & applying jobs to avoid fake information on LinkedIn. Some companies will not list their job openings on LinkedIn. Instead of LinkedIn you can go on the company’s official website and click the career menu to find the latest job openings.

  • In these cases first, you list out what are the companies you are interested to apply to in your local area … And then go to the company website and complete the application process.

3) Create an account in various job searching websites

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  • Most of the companies tie up with job searching websites and post their Requirement on the website. You have to create an account for mentioned websites and upload your resume.
  • Naukari
  • Shine
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • Career builder
  • Freshers world
  • Times jobs
  • Monster India

4) join daily Pharma job, alert groups.

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In social media, you can find tons of groups posting daily Pharma job updates. Here I mentioned some of the best platforms to search latest Pharma job updates, groups

  • Facebook groups:– you can search on Pharma job alerts you can find tons of groups

Whatsapp groups

  • Here I mentioned Pharma Stuff is the best job portal for all Pharma job aspirants here we can find tons of job updates information in the pharmaceutical industry, Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Coding, Teaching, and govt jobs

5) Improve Your subject knowledge & Communication Skills. :-

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  • After completing graduation or post-graduation take look back on our studied subjects list it’s almost above 50. After completing graduation you have found where you’re strong. Which subject are you interested in. Choose that subject and expert on it ..side by side you have to improve your communication skill.

6) ASk for reference :-

  • Last but not least, make sure you have strong references: whether you study medicine, engineering, science, or economics, having good references will make it much easier for you to get hired
  • So you have to communicate with your seniors, friends, and family circle anyone working on the company to ask for a Reference.

I hope all mentioned points are helpful to get a job. if you have any questions. drop your comment below. Reference is the best and easy way to get into pharmaceutical industry.

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