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GSK Virtual Recruitment Event for Statistical Programmers

combining the power of genetic and genomic insights into what causes disease, with the speed and scale of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to make better predictions about whom treatment might work for, and why. We believe this powerful combination of data and technology holds the key to fundamentally transforming medical discovery for the better, improving R&D success rates, and shaping how even the most challenging diseases, like neurological conditions and cancer, can be both prevented and treated.
In 2021 we delivered four major product approvals: Cabenuva for HIV, Jemperli for endometrial cancer, Xevudy for COVID-19, and Apretude, our new long-acting medicine for HIV prevention.

Virtual Recruitment Event: Statistical Programming
Event Date: 21-Jan-2023

GSK Virtual Recruitment Event:21st Jan 2023

Statistical Programming

Senior Programmer

Year Of Experience: 4 to 6
Location: Bengaluru
Skill Set: Statistical Programming, ADAMS & TLF

Lead Programmer

Year Of Experience: 6 to 8
Location Bengaluru
Skill Set: Statistical Programming, ADAMS & TLF, Study Lead experience Mandatory

Manager Programming (IC)

Year Of Experience: 8 to 10
Location Bengaluru

Skill Set; Statistical Programming, ADAMS & TLF, Creating Macros and Study Lead experience Mandatory


APPLICATION PROCESS; Interested candidate can share their profiles to


Statistical programmers are professionals who use statistical methods and programming skills to design, develop, and implement software for the analysis of clinical trial data. They work closely with statisticians, clinical researchers, and data management professionals to ensure that the data collected during a clinical trial is properly analyzed and reported.

The main responsibilities of statistical programmers include:

  • Writing and maintaining computer programs for the analysis of clinical trial data
  • Creating tables, listings, and graphs to summarize the data
  • Collaborating with statisticians and other clinical trial team members to ensure that the data is properly analyzed and reported
  • Reviewing and verifying the accuracy of the data
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest statistical techniques and software developments

Statistical programmers typically have a strong background in mathematics and computer science, as well as experience with statistical software such as SAS, R, or Python. Additionally, they may have knowledge of clinical trial processes and regulations such as GCP, CDISC, and FDA guidelines. They are essential members of clinical trial teams, providing the technical expertise needed to analyze and interpret the data, and help make key decisions about the development and approval of new drugs and medical devices.

GSK Virtual Recruitment Event for Statistical Programmers

GSK Virtual Recruitment Event for Statistical Programmers

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