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Syngene Amgen R&D Center Job openings

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Hiring for the below position at Biocon-Bristol Myers Squibb, Syngene International Limited.

Designation: Senior Research Associate (9-II) / Associate Scientist (8-I)
Job Location: Bangalore
Department: Department of Discovery Synthesis(DDS)
Educational Qualification: MSc Organic Chemistry
Experience: 2-5 Years

Job Purpose:

  • Responsible for performing reactions following Syngene safety norms. Documenting the observations in relevant lab notebooks or e-book as per the principle of ALCOA+
  • Assisting the supervisor to alert shortfall of resources, planning of reactions, PR request creation, training the junior scientists to develop their technical skills

Technical/functional Skills:

  • Should be familiar with concepts of chemical synthesis
  • Familiar with operations of relevant apparatus – instrument/equipment.
  • Good Knowledge of analytical techniques and analytical data interpretation
  • Good communication skills

APPLICATION PROCESS; Interested candidates can revert to

syngene job vacancies; Senior Research Associate (9-II) / Associate Scientist (8-I)
syngene job vacancies; Senior Research Associate (9-II) / Associate Scientist (8-I)

job posted date; 28th march 2023 (Expire)

Career Opportunities: Associate Scientist – Invitro ADME (53947)

Job Title: Associate Scientist – Invitro ADME

Job Location: Hyderabad

Reporting to: Senior Lead Investigator

Job Grade: 8-I

About Syngene: Syngene ( is an innovation-led contract research, development, and manufacturing organization offering integrated scientific services from early discovery to commercial supply. 

At Syngene, safety is at the heart of everything we do personally and professionally. Syngene has placed safety at par with business performance with shared responsibility and accountability, including following safety guidelines, procedures, and SOPs, in letter and spirit.

The mandatory expectation for all roles as per Syngene safety guidelines

  • Overall adherence to safe practices and procedures of oneself and the teams aligned.
  • It contributes to developing procedures, practices, and systems that ensure safe operations and compliance with the company’s integrity & quality standards.
  • It drives a corporate culture that promotes an environment, health, safety (EHS) mindset, and operational discipline.
  • We ensure the safety of ourselves, our teams, and the lab/plant by adhering to safety protocols and following environment, health, and safety (EHS) requirements at all times in the workplace.
  • Ensure all assigned mandatory training related to data integrity, health, and safety measures is completed on time by all team members, including myself.
  • Compliance with Syngene s quality standards at all times.

Core Purpose of the Role:

  • Support the ADME team by conducting the Physicochemical assays such as solubility, Log-D, and Log P, and binding studies with various matrices such as plasma and tissue homogenates with the highest quality.
  • Interact with cross-functional scientific teams and external collaborators and remain a subject matter expert in ADME sciences. 
  • Identification of new technologies to support highly demanding ADME sciences
  • Time management and multi-tasking skills to meet the demand of high-volume wave 1 ADME assays to complete multiple projects within timelines.
  • Contemporaneous recording of lab activities and experiments performed practices a high level of housekeeping.   
  • Adhere to all safety rules and maintains a safe workplace.
  • Predominantly laboratory-based job
  • Extensive experience in planning in vitro ADME assays
  • Design and execute In vitro ADME assays of different types, viz In vitro metabolic studies in microsomes, S9, and cytosol, Single point inhibition, reversible CYPIC50 inhibition, and TDI-IC50 shift assays using Human liver microsomes.
  • Experience in managing a team of 2 – 3 people.
  • They are setting up KRA / KPI for the team members and monitoring their performance.
  • Seamless coordination with BA-DMPK group to design in-vitro ADME studies.
  • Automation of In vitro ADME assays.
  • Preparation of SOP and EOPs.
  • Reporting of executed studies without any non-compliance.
  • Reporting of study results clearly in the cross-functional scientific meetings.
  • Follow workplace environment, health, and safety (EHS) requirements, ensuring individual and lab/plant safety.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Extensive experience in planning Physicochemical assays such as solubility, Log-D, Log P, and binding assays
  • Design and execute Physicochemical assays such as solubility, Log-D, Log P, and PAMPA.
  • Design and execute binding assays in plasma, microsomes, brain, and tissue homogenates assay.
  • Seamless coordination with the BA-DMPK group executes binding studies.
  • Preparation of sops and EOPs.
  • Reporting of executed studies without any non-compliance.
  • Reporting of study results clearly in the cross-functional scientific meetings.
  • Understanding and demonstrating responsibility for the safety of self & colleagues by following all safety protocols provided by Syngene
  • Adherence to all environment, health, and safety (EHS) policies & standards at all times in the workplace
  • I am wearing all PPE as required.
  • Adherence to all procedures related to Syngene’s data integrity policies
  • Compliance with Syngene’s quality standards at all times.

Syngene Values: All employees will consistently demonstrate alignment with our core values

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism


  • Experience in CRO (DMPK/ADME) research with 3 to 6 years

Technical/Functional Skills:

  • Experience in Physicochemical assays and binding assays
  • Demonstrated Capability in conducting Solubility, Log D, Log P, PAMPA, etc.
  • Comprehensive understanding of Physicochemical and technical expertise in troubleshooting the assay.
  • An in-depth understanding of physicochemical studies is highly desirable related to the ADME
  • An in-depth understanding of biochemical and aspects of binding studies is highly desirable related to the ADME
  • Good demonstrated knowledge of software such as Microsoft Excel and Graph pad prism
  • Demonstrated cross-functional leadership capabilities
  • Experience with automation is desirable

Behavioral Skills:

  • Demonstrate the ability to be a team player.
  • Commitment to deliver the study reports within the agreed timelines.
  • Adaptability to changes in the dynamic lab environment
  • Communicate confidently with colleagues and collaborators in the meetings and presentation of study reports and evidence of publications in the PEER reviewed Journals.

Educational Qualification: 

  • M Pharm. in any pharmaceutical science or M Sc. in biological science.



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