Accenture Hiring Drug Safety Associates; Bus Process Delivery

Accenture Hiring Bus Process Delivery Associate-Pharmacovigilance

Accenture Hiring Bus Process Delivery Associate-Pharmacovigilance

In today’s world, the pharmaceutical industry has gained immense importance as people are getting more conscious about their health. The increase in demand for medicines and vaccines has led to the growth of the pharmacovigilance sector. Accenture, one of the world’s leading professional services companies, is looking for a Bus Process Delivery Associate-Pharmacovigilance to join their team.

Job Description

The role of the Bus Process Delivery Associate-Pharmacovigilance is to assist the Pharmacovigilance team in various aspects of aggregate reports, such as planning, authoring, reviewing, and publishing of PBRER, PSUR, DSUR, PADER, Addendum to clinical overview (AdCO), Risk Management Plan (RMP), Signal detection and validation reports (SDVR), Cosmetovigilance Safety Reports (CoSR). The team is also responsible for authoring and reviewing clinical documents such as Protocols and amendments, Investigator brochures, Clinical Study Reports (CSR), Synoptic/Abbreviated CSR, Safety Narratives, and Clinical Overview/abbreviated Clinical Overviews.

Job Details

  • Designation: Drug Safety Associate
  • Job Location: Chennai
  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Pharmacy/Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Years of Experience: 1 to 3 years

What would you do?

As a Bus Process Delivery Associate-Pharmacovigilance, you will be aligned with Accenture’s Life Sciences R&D vertical. The services of this vertical span the entire life sciences enterprise, from research laboratories, clinical trials support, and regulatory services to pharmacovigilance and patient services solutions. Your primary responsibility would be to work on detecting, assessing, understanding, and preventing adverse effects or any other medicine/vaccine-related problem following Good Pharmacovigilance Practice (GVP) per client SOPs and applicable global regulatory requirements (Individual Case Safety Reports). You will be expected to create and manage case identification, data entry, MedDRA coding, case processing, submission, and follow-ups for ICSRs in the safety database as per client guidelines and applicable global regulatory requirements.

What are we looking for?

Accenture is looking for candidates who possess the following qualities:

  • Ability to perform under pressure: In the pharmaceutical industry, there can be a lot of pressure due to tight deadlines, complex regulations, and the potential impact on patient safety. As a Bus Process Delivery Associate-Pharmacovigilance, you should be able to handle pressure and deliver quality work.
  • Ability to work well in a team: Pharmacovigilance involves working with a team of professionals such as clinicians, regulatory affairs personnel, and drug safety experts. You should be able to collaborate effectively with team members and contribute to the achievement of common goals.
  • Prioritization of workload: As a Bus Process Delivery Associate-Pharmacovigilance, you will be handling multiple tasks simultaneously. You should have the ability to prioritize your workload and manage your time efficiently to meet the project timelines.

Roles and Responsibilities

In this role, you will be required to solve routine problems mainly through precedent and referral to general guidelines. Your expected interactions are within your team and direct supervisor. You will be provided with detailed to moderate levels of instruction on daily work tasks and clear instructions on new assignments. The decisions that you make would impact your work. You will be an individual contributor as a part of a team, with a predetermined, focused scope of work. Please note that this role may require you to work rotational shifts.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in this position, you can apply through the Link CLICK HERE

Accenture Hiring Bus Process Delivery Associate-Pharmacovigilance
Accenture Hiring Bus Process Delivery Associate-Pharmacovigilance

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