Navitas Life Sciences Pharmacovigilance Jobs: Medical Reviewer

Navitas Life Sciences Pharmacovigilance Jobs: Medical Reviewer

About the Company

Navitas Life Sciences is a distinguished healthcare data and services company committed to pioneering drug development in the pharmaceutical industry. We provide a comprehensive range of solutions to enhance patient safety and deliver high-quality healthcare services. Our unwavering mission is to improve the quality of life for patients globally. For more information about Navitas Life Sciences, please visit our website at

Company Vacancies List

Navitas Life Sciences is currently seeking talented Fresh Graduates with an MBBS or MD in Pharmacology to join our dedicated Medical Reviewer team in the Pharmacovigilance department. The following positions are available:

  • Position Title: Medical Reviewer
  • Company Name: Navitas Life Sciences
  • Job Locations: Chennai/Bangalore
  • Employment Type: Full-Time

Job Description

As a Medical Reviewer at Navitas Life Sciences, you will be a key contributor to our Pharmacovigilance team. Your responsibilities will encompass:

  • Medical Review: Reviewing and assessing medical data and reports to ensure compliance with regulatory and safety standards.
  • Signal Detection: Identifying and evaluating potential safety signals for pharmaceutical products.
  • Documentation: Preparing and reviewing safety-related documents and reports.
  • Collaboration: Collaborating with cross-functional teams to maintain the highest standards of patient safety.

About the Department & Responsibilities

The Pharmacovigilance department at Navitas Life Sciences plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of patients using pharmaceutical products. Medical Reviewers are responsible for:

  • Thoroughly reviewing and evaluating medical information and data.
  • Identifying potential safety issues and recommending appropriate actions.
  • Contributing to the overall risk management of pharmaceutical products.
  • Ensuring compliance with global pharmacovigilance regulations.

How to Apply

We invite Fresh Graduates with the following qualifications to apply:


  • MBBS or MD in Pharmacology

If you meet these criteria and are passionate about contributing to patient safety in the pharmaceutical industry, please share your updated CV with us. Please email your CV to

Navitas Life Sciences Pharmacovigilance Jobs: Medical Reviewer
Navitas Life Sciences Pharmacovigilance Jobs: Medical Reviewer 1
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