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Internship opportunity for M Pharmacy Freshers at Aurobindo Hyderabad

Aurobindo Research Centre 2, situated in Pashamaylaram, Hyderabad, is offering a 9-month internship program to M.Pharmacy Freshers in the Formulations Analytical R&D (Derma) field. This opportunity is only available for those who have specialized in Pharmaceutical Analysis and passed out in 2021 and 2022.

This internship program provides a unique chance for freshers to gain valuable industry knowledge and experience in their chosen field. Aurobindo Research Centre is a well-established research and development organization that provides an excellent learning platform for aspiring pharmacists. The internship will offer candidates exposure to real-time projects, hands-on experience, and the opportunity to work with experienced professionals in the industry.

Interested candidates can apply for the internship by registering through the provided google form and uploading their CV with the mentioned subject line. This program will equip candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge required to pursue a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry.

During the 9-month internship period, candidates will gain valuable experience working in Formulations Analytical R&D (Derma). This will include activities such as method development, validation, and transfer of analytical methods, stability studies, and impurity profiling. Additionally, the internship program will provide opportunities for candidates to participate in team meetings, present their work, and collaborate with other researchers.

Overall, this internship program provides freshers with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical industry and prepare them for a successful career. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply for this opportunity and take the first step towards a promising future.


Internship opportunity for M.Pharmacy Freshers at Aurobindo Research Centre

Internship opportunity for M.Pharmacy Freshers at Aurobindo Research Centre


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