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WE ARE HIRING! Medical Reviewer


1. Experience as peer reviewer in reputed medical journals

2. History of publication in peer-reviewed journals

3. Experience in handling a team of 4+ medical writers


Ph D/ MD in Biological Science/ Medical Science/ MD MBBS

Job description:

1. To evaluate the quality, accuracy, and completeness of the content developed by the medical writers

2. To provide unbiased feedback, suggestions, points of improvement, and recommendations on the content for attaining expected quality standards

3. To train the medical writers in developing high-quality research content from the preliminary documents

4. To identify and report ethical breaches such as research fraud, plagiarism, and manipulation of data and assist in preventing them

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5. To ensure quality of content by delivering concise, relevant, clear, scientifically accurate, and original content, compiled with interest to the target database

6. To maintain confidentiality of the process by not disclosing the information of the work with third parties within/outside of the company

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