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Cipla jobs; Career Opportunities: API ADL Analyst

Career Opportunities: API ADL Analyst

Requisition ID 44230 –

job location;  Karnataka – Bangalore

Division; IPD

Department; IPD

Employment Type; Permanent

Job Purpose

Provide analytical support to API R&D, Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing units and other analytical laboratories by method development of raw materials, intermediates and final API to ensure the drug development is carried out as per the project timelines and adheres to all regulatory requirements.


  • Provide method development and routine analysis under GLP environment to finalize the specification for standardization of the molecule and for final DMF submission
  • Investigate plant queries like OOS and OOT for quality control of drug substances and products to provide corrective actions and check samples for impurities
  • Characterise final API and impurities to prepare the test or working standards for routine laboratory purposes
  • Conduct the incubation and perform a complete analysis of stability samples to conclude the storage, shelf life and packing conditions of the final API
  • Keep track of the latest innovation and applications which can be used with the existing techniques to investigate/resolve critical issues

Education Qualification; M.Sc. Chemistry /M Pharma / PGD

Relevant Work Experience; Minimum 5 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with analytical experience

Job Location; Bangalore

Cipla jobs; Career Opportunities: API ADL Analyst
Cipla jobs; Career Opportunities: API ADL Analyst
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