Biocon Biologics hiring for R&D – DRUG PRODUCT (Formulation Development Lab)

Job Location: Bengaluru & Chennai

Last date to Apply: February 20, 2022

Skill Sets:

The candidate should be well-versed in the area of drug product formulation development, concepts of product stability, role of excipients in protein stability, knowledge of higher order structure and its role on product stability.

The candidate should have knowledge on the concepts of developing a brand new formulation, evaluation of buffer systems, sugar excipients, role of surfactants such as polyols etc. and should have basic knowledge of various container closure systems such as vials, pre-filled syringes, auto-injectors, etc. that are prevalent in the market.

EThe candidate should have experience running stability programs that include temperature, forced degradation studies, photo-stability studies, etc and knowledge of product quality estimation techniques such as HPLC, CE-SDS, etc. That way, he/she should be able to understand the nuances of the data generated.

The candidate should have knowledge of particle characterization techniques and biophysical characterization techniques

Education : Degree in life sciences such as biology, microbiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, immunology, biotechnology or closely related field MSc / M Tech

Experience : 5-11 years or PhD. with 2-6 of research experience

Interested candidates with relevant experience may share

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