Biocon Biologics – Chennai Job OPENINGS 2021 | Research and development

We are looking for passionate science-driven minds at all levels across different functions.

RND roles across the following areas: Characterization)

-Cell culture (Upstream) -Drug Substance (Downstream)

-Drug Product (Formulation) -Physico-chemical Characterization (Analytical &

-Functional Characterization (Bio assay)

-Pilot Upstream and Downstream

Enjoy the vibrant city of Chennai, best known for its festivals, food, cricket and beaches. The team at Chennai is welcoming, open, and collaborative. Biocon Biologics, uniquely positioned as a fully integrated ‘pure play’ biosimilars player committed to enabling high quality and affordable biosimilars, has a legacy of 40 years of deep technical expertise, cutting edge science and collaborative learning. Join us and be a part of an exciting journey!

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