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85+ job openings – Clinical SAS Programmers and Bioststasticians


(Exp: 3-10 years) | 75 Positions
Must have an experience in the Development and validation of CDISC SDTM and ADaM datasets, derived datasets, Tables, Listings and Figures (TLFs).
Proficiency in Safety and Efficacy Analysis.

ADAM (Analysis Data Model) and TLF (Transactional Data Format) are data standards used in the clinical research industry to standardize the format and structure of data collected in clinical trials.

ADAM is a data model that defines the structure of the data that is collected during a clinical trial. It includes common data elements (CDEs) and defines how they should be collected, stored, and reported. ADAM is used to ensure that the data collected in a clinical trial is consistent across different study sites and studies, making it easier to combine and analyze data from multiple studies.

TLF (Transactional Data Format) is a format used to transmit data from study sites to a central data repository. It is based on the ADAM data model and is used to ensure that the data is transmitted in a consistent format, regardless of the electronic data capture (EDC) system used by the study site. TLF is used to transmit data from the study site to the sponsor, CRO, or another party responsible for data management.

Both ADAM and TLF are important standards in clinical research, as they help to ensure the integrity, quality, and consistency of the data collected in clinical trials. They also help to improve the efficiency of data management and analysis, and to ensure that the data is in compliance with regulatory guidelines.


(Experience: 5-10 years

available positions; 10 Positions

Requirements; Must have an experience in CRO/Pharma industries with the ability to perform all biostatistics tasks required for clinical trial analysis and reporting.

Work Location; Chennai / WFH

APPLICATION PROCESS; Interested and eligible candidates Rush your resume to

85+ job openings - Clinical SAS Programmers and Bioststasticians - symbiance

85+ job openings – Clinical SAS Programmers and Bioststasticians – symbiance

RESPONSIBILITIES OF SAS PROGRAMMER; A Clinical SAS Programmer is a professional responsible for the development, maintenance, and quality control of SAS (Statistical Analysis System) programs used in the clinical trial process. They work closely with clinical research teams and statisticians to design and implement data analysis and reporting systems for clinical trials.

Clinical SAS programmers are responsible for creating and maintaining SAS programs that extract, clean, and manage clinical trial data. They also develop SAS macros, which are reusable sequences of SAS code, to automate repetitive tasks and ensure consistent data processing. They also validate and document the SAS programs, ensuring that the data is accurate and compliant with regulatory guidelines.

Additionally, Clinical SAS Programmers are responsible for creating tables, listings, and figures that summarize the study data, which will be used in study reports, publications, and regulatory submissions. They should have a good understanding of clinical trial process, regulations, and data management and should be proficient in SAS programming, SQL, and other relevant software. They are also expected to have a good understanding of statistical analysis concepts, and the ability to work effectively in a team environment

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