4)Fresher Junior Chemist jobs 2021| Novitum Pharma hiring MS in chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences Candidates

Novitum Pharma Recruitment Details April 2021 

Hiring Freshers for Junior Chemist

Educational Requirement:

MS in chemistry or Pharmaceutical Sciences


0-1 year of experience in related field

Apply with resume and contact details to HR@novitiumpharma.com


Conduct research, analysis, synthesis, and experimentation on substances, for such purposes as product and process development and application, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and improvement of analytical methodologies

Conduct testing and analysis of pharmaceutical raw materials like drug substance, excipients and packaging materials to analyze various parameters like assay, dissolution, impurities, related substances, residual solvents using various technical instruments like HPLC, GC, UV spectrometry; Conduct testing and analysis of finished product for different dosage forms like capsules, tablets, powder for oral suspension and solutions. 

The dosage forms include food supplements like vitamin capsules, mineral tablets and multivitamin syrups; Perform method validation for the in-house developed analytical methods like identification method, assay method, content uniformity, method for analysis of related substances and impurities, particle size analysis methods to interpret the robustness and accuracy

Perform cleaning validation as per cGMP regulations to ensure and prevent the contamination or adulteration of drug products pertaining to ANDA manufacturing batch Conducts validation studies in accordance with the protocols and to document the results

Conduct in-vitro dissolution studies for the finished products like tablets, capsules, powder for suspension to attain the drug release information using aqueous based medium with pH range of 5-7 following the compendial methods (USP/NF methods); Perform stability studies on ANDA batch finished product samples to find the limits of assay, impurities, residual solvents, dissolution and related substances

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